Nowadays organizations across the Globe are emphasizing on out sourcing solutions for some of their non strategic but vital part of their jobs to manage cost, risk and accelerate growth of their organization. Otherwise the management has to spend their valued time in organizing those integral activities like: House keeping, maintenance services, Gardening/landscaping, deployment of different skilled labours etc which impact in their respective core business activities.

                       With the growing consciousness and Global business competition among the business houses, they began to focus on more utilization of external sources to find out complete solution of those essential ancillary functions like hiring of Human Resource, Data processing, Good House Keeping, Hospitality, Maintenance Job, Landscaping & Gardening, Pest Control etc which are not specifically related to the core business.

                  GUWAHATI the gateway city to the North Eastern Region of INDIA is gradually becoming only the center place of all Business Houses, Trade Center and Industries in last half a decade with a pace ahead with other part of the Country and the World. This growth and development in each level of Trade and Business Houses in the region and our constant evaluation about requirement of 'out source' inspired us to organize a team in October'2000 under name and style ,

        M/S BRAHMAPUTRA ENTERPRISE to serve and support all those Business Houses, Trades and Manufacturing organization from out side so that they able to concentrated on their growth. Now we have entered into manufacturing activities on JOB WORK basis to facilitate the core production of big production houses by supplying raw material, packaging materials and intermediate products.