House keeping and Maintenance


            A Clean and better-organized workplace always raise the proud of the employees of an organization. It upgrades the product quality, better flow of work, High productivity and Low accident resulting increase in profit. Therefore our house keeping concentrated on 'TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT' (TQM)'. We have experienced and specialized professionals that work in close coordination with our clients to deliver services up to their specification and expectation. We provide HOUSE KEEPING SERVICES for CORPORATE SERVICES/COSMETICS, FOOD & BEVERAGE, INSECTICIDE AND KITCHEN CLEANER MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES/HOSPITALS & NURSING HOME/DIAGONASTIC CENTRE AND COMMERCIAL COMPLEX by latest method and well trained House keeping technical personnel with pleasant environment:-

  Daily moping and sweeping of all floors area in required intervals and as & when require basis with     qualitycleaning materials.

  Up keeping of all ceramic fittings and providing disinfectant materials and air purifier for wash area and     washbasins.

  Cleaning of Dust, Cobwebs as and when required.

  Cleaning of bathrooms, Toilets blocks, washbasins, windows etc within frequent intervals with the best quality     of detergent, Floor sanitizer, Floor acid etc.

  Cleaning of windows, panels, Glasses partition etc.

  Cleaning of Furniture, Sofa with dry methods.

  Cleaning and removal of all wastes.

  Cleaning of all electrical, electronic fittings in regular intervals.

  Collection and disposal of garbage waste in regular intervals.

  Dusting and cleanings of Glass doors, windows sign boards etc.

  Scrubbing of floors tiles on weekly basis.

  Dry and shampoo cleaning of carpet areas.

  Any other cleaning job as per on call basis.