For smooth functioning and better flow of work there are some facility and refreshment provided by the principal employer to its employees so that they feel comfort and yield high productivity which may termed as 'welfare facilities'. Accordingly those facilities should run also smoothly and we provide service for smooth running of:

          Electrical Maintenance: We provide electrical maintenance of Power panels, Switchboards, Light,         Fans, Power points, Glowshines and other electrical fixtures for Office Campus, Industries, Commercial         complex with senior and experienced Technical Persons.

          Plumbing: Maintenance services water line, Joints and valves, detection of water leakage in plumbing         line, flush tanks etc.

          Carpentry: Repairing and maintenance of wooden fittings and fixtures, office furniture etc.

          Mason: Repairing work of cemented floors walls, patching work, Cleaning & polishing of Marble and         Granite Floors etc.

          Gardening and Landscaping Services: We provide services to develop and maintain the Gardens,         Lawns by the experience gardeners under the control of our Horticulturist who have the sound knowledge         in the field of horticulture. We render services like: Watering, weeding, Mowing the plants regularly, Top         dressing, periodical spraying of pesticides and fungicides,Fertilizers Renovation of old lawns, Planting of         seasonal Verities. Also Nursery maintenance in the campus like: Potting, Repoting,Propagation activities,         Compost preparation etc.